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We perform a sales & use tax review of purchases, accounting, and tax systems to identify and recover potential refunds and to eliminate future overpayments of sales & use tax. The following are components of Brown & Associates comprehensive review:

Generally speaking, we find that companies are aware of the exemptions for which they qualify; however they do not take full advantage of these exemptions. Our years of experience and expertise have given us particular insight into where each state and tax jurisdiction distinguishes between taxable and tax exempt purchases. This knowledge allows us to maximize the benefit our clients receive from the exemptions available to them. Not only does this result in refunds and credits for sales & use tax paid in error on past purchases, but our clients also reap the benefit going forward as a dollar-for-dollar reduction in operating taxes as they address opportunities for savings identified during our review.

In addition to the money received as a result of our review, our clients also receive knowledge, advice and training on how to improve their tax systems going forward to minimize their future sales & use tax burden. Brown & Associates will research the specific issues related to the invoices and/or vendors and will provide guidance about the taxability of various purchases based on our professional experience and interpretation of the sales tax law. If desired, Brown & Associates will draft requests and present arguments for advisements from the appropriate State’s Revenue Agency supporting non-taxable rulings relating to company-specific issues and where a clear precedent has not been set.

Proposed Contract Terms: We operate on a contingency fee based on credits or refunds received as a result of our efforts. Clients of Brown & Associates are not liable for payments unless refunds and credits are received.

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