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Industry Expertise

Industry-Specific Tax Services

Here at Brown & Associates, we are dedicated to conducting frequent research on new tax laws and incentives that are specific to each industry and state. Local and federal government agencies offer specific tax incentives to businesses in order to encourage economic or environmental development. These benefits are available in the form of tax credits and exemptions that can directly impact your business’ bottom dollar.

We have found millions of dollars in savings for clients in the following industries:

Manufacturing, Power & Utilities

State-specific exemptions provide manufacturing companies with a range of tax incentives that encourage economic development in the U.S.

State and national tax laws frequently change for cogeneration power facilities, water and waste management facilities, and other agencies. Brown & Associates comes equipped to help you maximize savings and remain compliant with tax agencies.
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Commercial Printing

With the various types of printing technology comes a wide range of equipment and facilities, and tax exemptions may vary. Whether your operation utilizes flexography, offset printing, or digital printing methods, we have the experience and knowledge to help you take advantage of all of the exemptions your business is qualified to receive.

Technology and News

Many companies are unaware of the tax incentives available for technology and engineering development that include savings in tax exempt equipment, R&D tax credits, and other incentives.


Most retail businesses have software packages that quantify sales tax due by state. The results provided by these packages need to be reviewed for errors by a sales tax professional to identify over/underpayments.

Sports & Entertainment

Sports and entertainment businesses are involved in several different activities that require application of different segments of sales tax. States vary widely in their application of sales and use tax to these business activities.


The most dynamic environment for sales tax review is the transportation industry. Due to the nature of rolling stock and interstate commerce issues, close scrutiny of sales tax rules is necessary for companies involved in transportation.




Assigning the correct value to medical equipment, satisfying state and federal tax regulations, and staying up-to-date on healthcare-specific tax benefits are only some of the services available through Brown & Associates.