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Property Tax

Property Tax Services

Property tax laws are complex. Businesses must keep an eye on property laws that are constantly changing at the local, state, and federal level. Additionally, the purchase price and annual depreciation of fixed assets like equipment, vehicles or real estate can have a major impact on year-to-year tax savings. Along with our sales and use tax recovery services, Brown & Associates specializes in preparation and mitigation of personal property tax for businesses in all industries.

Here at Brown & Associates, our expertise and personalized approach to property tax assessments give us the ability to find savings overlooked by many of our competitors. We specialize in the following personal property tax services:

  • Prepare personal property tax returns
  • Amend personal property tax returns
  • Protest personal property tax assessments
  • Provide real estate property tax services

Start managing your personal property taxes efficiently with Brown & Associates by contacting us at (904) 343-5236.